• September, 28
Lisbon, Portugal
Concert at the Altice Arena with soprano Isabel Alcobia and the Sinfonietta de Lisboa conducted by David Giménez
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• October, 1
Moscow, Russia
Concert at the Kremlin Palace with the Moscow City Symphony (Russian Philarmonic) conducted by David Giménez

• October, 9
Helsinki, Finland
Concert at the Helsinki Ice Hall with the Vantaa Entertainment Orchestra  conducted by David Giménez
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• October, 18
Zurich, Switzerland
Concert at the Hallenstadion
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• October, 23
Bangkok, Thailand
21st Festival of Dance and Music. Concert at the Thailand Cultural Center with soprano Celine Byrne and the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra conducted by David Giménez. 
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• November, 2
Tokyo, Japan
Recital at the Suntory Hall with Lorenzo Bavaj
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• November, 10
Sakai (Osaka Prefecture), Japan
Concert at the Fenice Sakay with soprano Fujii Shonan, baritone Kyu Won Han and the Japan Century Symphony Orchestra conducted by Yu Sado
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• November, 24
Athens, Greece
Concert at the Oaka Olympic Indoor hall 
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• December, 12
Leipzig, Germany
25. José Carreras Gala (Anniversary edition)
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