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Josep Carreras International Singing Masterclass in Pesaro, 4th edition: the role of humility, discipline and emotion

Last week the G. Rossini Conservatory of Music hosted the 4th edition of the José Carreras International Singing Masterclass, which was held at the Auditorium Pedrotti of the Conservatory in Pesaro, from Monday 21st to Saturday 26 January 2019.

Four years ago, Josep Carreras started his masterclasses, which he exclusively carries out at the Conservatory in Pesaro where Maestro Lorenzo Bavaj, his long-time pianist and close friend, teaches.
As Carreras often remarks, Bavaj is responsible for his decision to start teaching. For this reason, the legendary tenor was back to Pesaro for the 4th time to share his 50-year experience on singing and providing tips to young students (see an example here) from all around the world, from USA to the Far East. An activity - he reported to local newspaper Il Resto del Carlino - he never regrets doing, as it is demanding (at least 8 hour class a day) as much as rewarding. "Every year  there is this kind of magic in Pesaro, it is very exciting&qu…

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