Press conference and VIDEO interview presenting the two upcoming performances in Seoul

Da qualche giorno ormai, Josep Carreras si trova a Seul dove darà due concerti presso il Sejong Center for Performing Arts il 22 ed il 23 novembre con il soprano Kathleen Kim e l'orchestra diretta da David Giménez.

Ieri, 19 novembre, si è tenuta la conferenza stampa. Carreras ha esordito dicendosi molto contento e onorato di fare ritorno in Corea e nella città di Seul, cui era approdato per la prima volta molto giovane nel lontano 1979. Sostiene inoltre che è un gran piacere cantare per un pubblico che conosce e ama la musica classica e che ha avviato anni fa una meravigliosa tradizione legata a questo genere musicale. Per ogni artista è un piacere, un privilegio. Per me un onore ha dichiarato il tenore, che ha proseguito affermando che la sua voce è una sua buona amica, che qualche volta regala momenti buoni e altre volte momenti difficili. Ad ogni modo, si considera un uomo fortunato per il fatto che Dio gli abbia fatto un dono del genere.



Carreras ha successivamente rilasciato un intervista come ospite ad uno show televisivo: la conversazione si svolge attorno a varie tematiche, come i rapporti che lo legavano a Luciano Pavarotti e che ancora lo legano a Plácido Domingo, il quale si esibirà a Seul in contemporanea il 23 novembre, ma anche sulle qualità canore e attoriali del cantante d'opera, e su quello che il tenore avrebbe voluto essere se non fosse stato un cantante d'opera. Posso inoltre anticiparvi che sono previste ulteriori performance in Corea prima del suo ritiro che avverrà entro pochi anni. Qui sotto trovate il testo integrale.

Intervista, testo integrale.

Q. Nice to meet you Mr.Carreras! I has been four years since you last visited Korea. You have been steadily visiting Korea since your first visit in 1979. 
Josep Carreras: It's a tremendous pleasure for. I think for every artist. It's a pleasure to come to a country where people love music. It's becoming a real tradition classic music for Korean audience. I am very proud to have the possibility to come here. Every time I'm invited I'm very thrilled.
Q. You are always introduced as one of the world’s best three tenors. 
Josep Carreras: Well I don't know. This is up to the other to judge. What I can say, I was one of the three tenors together with Pavarotti and Domingo. It was a fantastic experience for three of us.  
Q. Whenever the three tenors took stage together, I bet that there had been some rivalries, right? 
Josep Carreras: Not really.
Q. Not really? 
Josep Carreras: No, not at all. It was a sane competition between the three of us. But rivalry, no. We had a tremendous affection for each other, we had tremendous respect, professional respect for each other.
Q. How do you remember your colleague Pavarotti as? 
Josep Carreras: Well, Luciano. He was a one of the greatest figures in opera from all time. But he was a great person. Very charismatic personality, very warm personality, good friend of his friends, and I'm missing him very much.
Q. Yes we also miss him. 
Josep Carreras: I'm sure.
Q. But actually, you are more often compared with Mr. Placido Domingo. Interestingly enough, your concert is on the same date as Domingo’s. So many people think that the rivalry has taken also at this time. 
Josep Carreras: No, not at all. I can assure you that my relationship with omingo is very close one. Very warm relationship. We respect each other a lot and needless to say, admire his work tremendously.
Q. you didn't schedule this concert on the same day. You don't have any intention. 
Josep Carreras: No.
Q. It's a coincidence? 
Josep Carreras: It's a coincidence, exactly. People that organize the concert, the promoters,managers normally we know these are the very last minute. Whose is in town?
Q. It was kind of stupid question. 
Josep Carreras: No, not at all no.
Q. Anyway, I have one more stupid question. 
Josep Carreras: It's never a stupid question. It can be a stupid answer. But a question is never stupid.
Q. Your concert is at Sejong Center for Performing Arts, and Domingo’s concert is at the Olympics Gymnastics Arena. Personally, I believe that the Sejong Center is a much better place for a concert. Was there any competition? 
Josep Carreras: No. This time they proposed me the Sejong center and I was very happy. But I also performed in the Olympic Arena in the past. Therefore one day in one place and other days in another.
Q. Many people say you and Mr. Domingo are not close anyway. But I know if I were you, I would not answer to this question. Anyway, some people say. 
Josep Carreras: About what?
Q. You and Mr. Placido Domingo are not close. 
Josep Carreras: Oh we are not close. we are not friends? well people can be wrong. People definitely, they do not know what is going on. I like to emphasize again that we have a wonderful relationship.
Q. Domingo’s style is portrayed as passion, and yours as lyrical. What are your thoughts on this portrayal? 
Josep Carreras: I think Mr. Domingo has not only one something can be defined in one word. He is a complete artist. From the vocal point of view and also as an actor on stage. He is not only passionate. The way he sings is passionate but he has many other wonderful sides. If I am lyrical, I like that people say so to me but I think I'm not only lyrical. I also have some good and bad sides in my performance.
Q. In opera, there are two types of vocalists: a vocalist with better acting, and a vocalist with better singing. Critics often say that you focus more on singing, therefore, cannot act as good as your singing on the stage. What do you think about this criticism? 
Josep Carreras: Well I accept that very opinion. I think everybody is free to give judgement etc. I have nothing to say. This is an opinion of someone or a set of people. I think that they probably feel this way then that means they are right.
Q. But trust me. I believe that you are the vocalist with best acting and best singing. 
Josep Carreras: Who is?
Q. You are. I think so. 
Josep Carreras: You are very kind. I will come much more often to your show. No really. This is very kind of you. Everybody judges differently. What I can say is that Mr. Domingo is a great singing actor.
Q. What difference in life take place before and after Leukemia? 
Josep Carreras: I think going through such a severe, difficult moment, you becoming probably more mature, more reflective. I am basically the same person, probably I am more condescendent now than I was before.
Q. Vocalist should have concern on the change of his voice. Your voice at the age of 69. How do you evaluate yourself? 
Josep Carreras: I think my voice is, it follows the natural way together with my age. I am now 67 and of course I cannot do what I did 30 years ago. This is obvious. But maybe I gain and lose certain things, but I gain maybe in the way I feel music and the music I am singing.
Q. I think I deserve asking like this. I am going to be 60 next year. Let's say you were not a vocalist. Honestly, what other profession could you have done if you were not a vocalist. Please do not way it like this. If I were born again, I would be a vocalist again. That kind of answer is boring. I think I deserve asking like this.
Josep Carreras: If I were born again, I would love to become an opera singer again.
Q. Again?
Josep Carreras: Even though I would love to be a doctor.
Q. Doctor?
Josep Carreras: If my methodology is possible. Because of my experience told me how wonderful are the people that they care of, help the others.
Q. I understand what you are saying. Fully understand. I want to ask you like this. Are you planning to visit Korea again or is this last before your retirement?
Josep Carreras: No. no. Unless I stopped sinigng, I would love to come back and to sing a couple of concerts more before I give up which is going to be as I said in few years.
Q. Thank you very much. Many artists say that Korean fans are very enthusiastic and fervent response to the artists who perform.
Josep Carreras: Absolutely. I said that very beginning of our conversation, I said that for any artists are privileged to come to your country to sing because this enthusiasm and knwoledge of the Korean audiences.
Q. Why don't you say a word to those who are waiting for your concert?
Josep Carreras: First of all, to thank them. They consider possibility to come again to listen to my concert, what else I can say? Needless to say, I am trying to give the best of myself. Best concert ever if possible.
Q. This is my last question. Out of many great songs you have sung in your conernt, in your career, what would be the most memorable singing and when was it? Tough question?
Josep Carreras: It's like you ask Lionel Messi which one was the best goal. I don't know. It's very difficult to answer. of course there are certain appointments. Probably if I should mention very special night for me was my debut the La Scala in Milano singing Un Ballo in Maschera most 40 years ago.
Q. Thank you very much for answering.
Josep Carreras: not at all.
Q. I hope you that songs you are going to perform here in Seoul on the coming weekend can be that kind of song.
Josep Carreras: I am singing that kind repertoire. I hope, fans and audiences expect from me. Of course all of them are songs that I love to sing.
Q. Very looking forward to your performances. Thank you very much.
Josep Carreras: it’s my pleasure.

Since a few days now, Josep Carreras is located in Seoul where he will give two concerts at the Sejong Center for Performing Arts on 22 and 23 November: he will be joined by soprano Kathleen Kim and the orchestra conducted by David Gimenez.
Yesterday, 19 November, was held the press conference. Carreras began by saying he is very pleased and honored to return to Korea and to the city of Seoul, which he had arrived for the first time very young, back in 1979. He also affirms that it is a great pleasure to sing for an audience that knows and loves classical music, and that started years ago a wonderful tradition of this genre. For every artist is a pleasure, a privilege. For me, an honor said the tenor, who continued by saying that his voice is a veryr good friend of his, which sometimes gives you good times and sometimes hard times. By the way, he regards himself as a lucky man for the fact that God made him such a gift.
After that, Carreras released an interview as a guest in a TV show. The conversation focused on various themes, such as his relationships with Luciano Pavarotti and the current one with Plácido Domingo, who will perform in Seoul on 23 November as well, but also on both the vocal and acting qualities of the opera singer, and on what the tenor would have liked to be if he was an opera singer. I can anticipate that there are going to be additional performances in Korea before his retirement that will happen within a few years. Above there is the full text.