Last week, from 22 to 27 January, Josep Carreras held the third edition of his International Singing Masterclass at the Rossini Conservatory of Music, accompanied by his longterm pianist and friend Lorenzo Bavaj, which ended with a final concert at the Auditorium Pedrotti of the Conservatory, where all the classes had been held. As the press reported on Thursday, Carreras said he was totally satisfied with how the masterclass was doing, and very happy to be back to Pesaro.

Among the 22 students from 10 different countries who passed the preliminary audition, eleven (mainly sopranos, tenors and two mezzos) have been selected for a solo performance each during the concert, accompanied by Maestros Donatella Dorsi and Paolo Gobbi. In particular, it turned out that three of them had already attended the masterclass last year, a fact which certainly proves the absolute prestige of this course and of Carreras' teaching and experience.




During their speech, both the President and the Director of the Conservatory praised the legendary tenor, especially for his generosity and his loyalty to Pesaro and its Conservatory of Music due to his professional and personal relationship with Lorenzo Bavaj for thirty years: in particular, Director Ludovico Bramanti stressed the fact that throughout the week each student visibly improved his/her level thanks to the quality of his suggestions. As Carreras joined the stage, he said that he felt extremely grateful to Pesaro and the Conservatory for such gift and that he hoped it is not going to be the last time: as he explained, for the third time he had the opportunity to work surrounded by young people with a very strong determination to learn and improve, and tried to give them a few suggestions that might be useful for them to become professional opera singers; furthermore, he stressed that they had arrived well-prepared and disciplined and create an extraordinary atmosphere which made his work much easier.

Once each of them received the attending certificate from Carreras' himself, with Maestro Bavaj calling one by one, they joined together to perform the prayer from Rossini's Mosè in Egitto, Dal tuo stellato soglio accompanied by Bavaj himself at piano. Before they started, Carreras underlined the fact that the eleven students selected for the solo performances were not more talented than the ones who didn't have such possibility.


At the end, the President honored Carreras with a special gift, an opera titled il Giardino d'inverno, which the Conservatory especially dedicated to him, and then asked him to sing an aria for the audience: once more he proved his generosity by singing two Neapolitan songs, Vurria and Dicitencello vuje joined by Lorenzo Bavaj. Carreras performed surrounded by the loving admiration of his students and of the entire audience, which was on fire during this short recital, totally overwhelmed by such mastery, passion and extreme elegance, and replied with a very warm ovationed and bravos.

Let's hope that Josep Carreras will keep on with his masterclass, so that the next generations of opera singers will have the possibility to treasure his example and all the master experience he have been sharing with incredible delicacy, respect and humility.