La voz de Carreras y los aplausos de su público llenan la Arena de Monterrey hasta la bandera

Una gran serata, quella che Carrera ha regalato ieri al suo pubblico di 5.000 persone dell'Arena di Monterrey. Il tenore ha offero un concerto, a fianco del soprano navarrese Sabina Puértolas e del direttore, nipote e non manager, David Giménez Carreras., che guidava l'Orchestra Sinfónica UANL. (photogallery) (first page in which appears a photo)
É disponibile l'audio completo della conferenza stampa di mercoledì:

Come annunciato il programma verteva su brani d'opera, zarzuela, canzoni italiane e napoletane, e un omaggio al Messico, finalizzato a compiacere ancor di più l'audience, che ha risposto assai favorevolmente.

L'ingresso del tenore è stato a lungo applaudito, come a celebrare il suo ritorno, tanto atteso, nella città di Monterrey, dove già si era esibito, a fanco d Plácido Domingo e Alejandro Fernández.

I brani d'apertura sono stati L'ultima Canzone e Pecché, con i quali Josep ha intrapreso un viaggio interpretativo, durante il quale ha preso per mano ogni spettatore, fino al termine della serata. Un incantesimo non meno vivo con i brani conclusivi della prima parte, Passione e Rosó (Pel teu amor).
Dopo un intervallo di 20 minuti gli artisti hanno nuovamente effettuato il loro ingresso, e stavolta Sabina Puértolas ha pres in mano la situazione, cantando come nessun'altra Las Hijas del Zebedeo-Carceleras, Me llaman la primorosa e Les filles de Cadix, O mio babbino Caro, per poi ricedere il passo a Carreras che ha sbalordito il pubblico, alzatosi poi in piedi, con i due classici spagnoli El día que me quieras e Ya mis horas felices.

Un progressivo entrare nel vivo con le note di Granada, Core'ngrato, Chitarra Romana, seguite da implacabili applausi dovuti a un esempio di intrpretazione indimenticabile: i due cantanti hanno poi eseguito insieme il classico Solamente una vez.

Non dimentichiamo l'orchestra che ha apporatato altri due momenti straordinari con l'intermezzo della Cavalleria Rusticana e La Boda de Luis Alonso.

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  1. Wonderful! Congratulations, Josep! It seems this word is one of those I use most, but it is a very deep pleasure to keep doing it!! It was very nice to understand how quick the Monterrey press started to have news on this concert! The truth is that some three and a half hours after the end, El Porvenir uploaded a video! And reviews also started early! Think this is also a sign of the Mexican affection for Josep Carreras! And no wonder Granada made them to jump. It was an absolutely lovely start of this Mexican tour and obviously Josep must be enjoying it very much! As for myself, always feel lonely when I can not attend his concerts!

    All the best for tomorrow, Josep!




    Spanish tenor Jose Carreras was able to make the Monterrey audience to surrender to his voice in his first solo concert for the people of Monterrey.


    An evening to dream, this is how we can describe the performance offered yesterday evening by tenor Jose Carreras. In fact, he took us into a masterly voyage In dream, it can be described as last night's presentation offered the tenor Jose Carreras in our city, for two hours was able to take us by the hand into a masterly trip.

    Accompanied by the Nuevo León Symphonic, besides by David Gimenez and Sabina Puértolas, Carreras appeared on stage exactly at 9.20pm, exactly ten minutes after his colleagues did the same, to perform a brief introduction that helped the wait to become not so heavy.

    When Jose Carreras went onto the stage he was welcomed by an ovation that lasted for several minutes, something that touched the tenor since it ment his return to the city was pleasing the public.

    L'ultima canzone was the first piece of the evening, followed by Pecché, Romeo et Juliette, Passione and Rosó, Pel teu amor. All these pieces were performed during the first half and all got equally ovations.


    After a brief intermission, when the clock showed 10:15pm, again the orchestra took their places to continue the trip. Now it was time for Sabina Puértola who dressed in blue, gave evidence of her unique talent by performing Las hijas de Zebedeo - Carceleras.

    It was again Carreras turn and he resumed the Spanish classics like "El dia que me quieras" or Ya mis horas felices, pieces that brought the audience to their feet, offering the tenor standing ovations.

    Renowned composers such as Carlos Gardel, Jerónimo Giménez, Ruperto Chapi y Manuel E. Caballero where among the composers included in the program but the last theme of the evening was the one that completely overwhelmed the Arena.

    In fact, as soon as the first notes of Granada were heard, the reaction of the audience was quite clear, since the applause did not stop and the satisfaction for witnessing an unforgetable performance was expressed in every face.

    When the evening came to its end, one of the few little girls - or perhaps the only one - present in the Arena came close to the scene to salute the tenor and take part of the joy of his thousand of fans. The tenor received a huge bouquet of red roses and shared them with his fellow colleagues and companions.

    A bit after 11 pm, and after a previous attempt to abandon the stage, the end came with endless thunderous ovations that gave evidence that Carreras had been simply sublime!


    Jose Carreeras was welcomed by standing ovations and got standing ovations with each one of his renditions.

    The presentation was divided int two parts and the audience was very concentrated throughout the evening.

    Sabina Puértolas changed her dress twice.

    Finally, Carreras was rewarded with a huge bouquet of red roses and some requests for autographs.




    By: Jose Angel Cervantes, Saturday, March 13th, 2010

    José Carreras did more than to please the Monterrey audience, he enchanted everyone by offering an evening of bel canto, memories and emotions that involved the atmosphere last night, at the Monterrey Arena.

    Before a nearly five thousand people audience, the acclaimed opera singer presented a varied repertoire of pieces, comprising some renditions of classic opera pieces, a piece by Gardel, zarzuelas and Mexican songs. And all the pieces were warmly welcomed by the audience.

    Accompanied by the Symphonic Orchestra of the Autonomous University of Nueva León, under the conducting of David Gimenez, Jose Carreras started his musical journey at 9.15pm, with L'Ultima Canzone and Pecché, displaying all his interpretative virtuosity.

    Black suit, with a smile but concentrated on his renditions, the former member of "The Three Tenors" (alongside with Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti) had very little interaction with the audience since he only thanked the public by nodding and by making, now and than, a slight gesture saluting everyone

    Survivor to leukemia in 1987, and although if showing some fatigue - something that never undermined his maximum delivery in each note - Carreras excelled during the first half with his rendition of Passione and Rosó-Pel teu amor, just before closing the first part.

    After a break of 20 minutes, the Maestro resumed the concert and the type of pieces completely changed when he started with Lejana Tierra Mía and El Día que me quieras", two songs previously immortalized by Argentinian singer Carlos Gardel.

    At this point of the concert, the Mayor of San Pedro, Mauricio Fernandez, tried but failed to go unnoticed, as he reached his seat in the front row, the middle of the song.

    Given this situation, when he finished the first of these two pieces, Jose Carreras offered a smile and a moment of silence so that another group could reach their seats.

    At the end of the official program, Carreras said goodbye with a tribute to Mexico and Spain by offering a rendition of Granada, by Aztec composer Agustin Lara. Still, before the general acclamation, he came back to resume opera and to deliver next to the Spanish soprano Sabina Puértolas, the classic romantic piece Solamente una vez.

    Puértolas participation in the concert deserves some particular mention. The born Navarrian soprano performed four solo pieces, and showed the Monterrey audience her vocal quality, something that since 1993 led her to the international opera world.

    The native of Navarre, Spain, putted the audience under her spell, due to the quality of her singing and her stage presence. She excelled in Me Llaman la Primorosa and Les Filles de Cadix.

    During the evening, the Symphony Orchestra of the UANL lived up to the situation and gained thunderous ovations from the audience with the intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana and La Boda de Luis Alfonso.


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