35 years ago on 2 May 1982, Josep Carreras made his debut as Don José in Georges Bizet's Carmen at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid. The cast was starring also Ruz̆a Badani, Alida Ferrarini, Justino Díaz and conductor Luís Antonio García Navarro. 
Josep often mentions it as one of his favourite and for sure one of the most challenging characters, due to his evolution throughout the opera and the variety of different feelings the tenor has to convey. 

It's never only one aspect. It's never only one direction. It's never only emotions or even no emotions at all. It's always heart-breaking. 
Jonas Kaufmann

He is never overdoing. He is doing just right. You understand the character: he's so clear, so pure and always powerful. When you are listening to him you have the feeling that this role was just written for him. 
Anna Netrebko

According to many he was just the best Don José of history. For sure, he set the standard of this role with absolute and uncomparable mastery. 

Here you have a few videos of his debut in Madrid.