Josep Carreras was declared yesterday Guest of Honor of the City of Buenos Aires where he will be performing on Saturday, 3 of June, at the Luna Park. 
On this occasion, a press conference was held in the afternoon at the Four Seasons Hotel and the tenor received from the local authorities a medal and a diploma.

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Carreras has talked about the last World Tour of his career, A Life in Musica, which will probably continue until early 2019. The tenor said that there is a moment when such decision has to be made: he had turned 70 in December 2016, and since he started singing at 23 he considers a 50 year career is acceptable. The sequence of concerts is not fixed yet, but he could possibly sing his last concerts in Barcelona, his hometown where he started, which offers special venues such as the Gran Teatre del Liceu or the Palau de la Música Catalana.
If I had been asked decades ago - he said - I would have told that once I had retired I would have been looking for some other role still in the music world, but now it's very clear to him that he will fully dedicate himself to his leukaemia foundation.

He said also that he has always loved and enjoyed a lot performing in South America, not to mention Argentina where he spent a part of his childhood together with his family and regards Buenos Aires as the most enthusiastic audience in the world, perhaps only comparable to the Viennese. "One has the impression to be singing at La Bombonera, not at the Luna Park" he remarked.

After that, he will go to another town of Argentina, Rosario, a very beautiful place and most of all Lionel Messi's hometown: Carreras would like to make a pilgrimage to where Messi was born since he has been playing in FC Barcelona's first team for 13 years and he is adored in Catalonia and all over the world, since he is not only an exceptional athelete but a person with very good values as well. His current partner on stage, soprano Jaquelina Livieri, whom he praised a lot, is from Rosario as well, and it is a plus according to him.

 Furthermore he highlighted their diversity and the chemistry between them as the secret of the Three Tenors' success. Then he mentioned Giuseppe Di Stefano, Frank Sinatra and Carlos Gardel as his three idols since all of the expressed theirselves through words, and presented his concert's repertoire made of opera, zarzuela and Neapolitan songs including a very special medley, popurri in Spanish.

He feels huge gratitude for all the audience around the world who have given him the chance to express himself throughout his career, which is what most matters for every artist.