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Lieta di dare il "Bentornato" a Josep qui in Europa, dopo un'intenso, e spero pieno di soddisfazioni, tour nell'Estremo Oriente. Mi auguro inoltre che questo agevoli la circolazione di articoli e notizie.

Il nostro tenore ora si trova in Svezia, dove domani sera avrà il primo dei due concerti che si terranno in questo paese. La stampa svedese ci offre una bella intervista: ringrazio sempre Ellie e Maria per la diffusione e la traduzione dell'articolo.
I have been singing as long as I can remember, " stated renowned tenor JoseCarreras. "I feel very privileged to be doing what I love most of all. José Carreras has over sixty opera roles in his luggage - and is wonderingabout singing Sinatra songs. Spanish tenor José Carreras is on tour. On Thursday, he sings in the Cloetta Centre with the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra. Carreras is now on his earlysixties and has as many opera roles on his track record. With a busyschedule full of engagements, he has no time for a telephone interview. Butwith an e-mail, we did it.
After portraying so many roles, which is his favorite one?
- I've made so many. But if I have to choose one or two maybe Don Jose in"Carmen" and Rodolfo in "La Bohème."
Is there a role that you dream about to do?
- No opera role. But I would like to sing some of the songs that Frank Sinatra was so good on. But it might not suit me. . .

Parts love
José Carreras has been singing since he was a little boy in Barcelona. This year he celebrates fifty years on the stage. He performed his first rolein Barcelona's Liceo Opera House, when he was eleven years old. Then he sangthe boy soprano role of the narrator in "El Retablo the Maese Pedro" by Manuel de Falla.
- But the moment I realized, one hundred percent, that I wanted to be theopera singer, was when I saw the movie "The great Caruso" by Mario Lanza.
How does it feel to go onto the stage?
- It's amazing. Not just for the applause, which is very important for anartist to get. It is more the feeling that the audience shares my love for music.
What is your advice to anyone who wants to become an opera singer?
- You have to have a lot of discipline. No success without discipline.
Three heroic tenor.
In the 1980s, José Carreras contracted leukemia. He says that the voice was not affected by the disease, but that he realized that life can change overnight.
- I enjoy every minute of my life in a different way, today. I attend concerts, go to the football stadium and see my team, the Football Club Barcelona. And I like to eat dinner with family and friends. Completelynormal things, I believe.

The Three Tenors project started at the World Cup in Rome, in 1990. Although they only gave twenty-eight joint concerts in fourteen years, they became awell known phenomenon that was also the most unbeatable and staunchest operatrio that ever existed.
- We had great fun together. We sang at football events in Paris, Los Angeles and Tokyo and, of course, talked a lot about football with eachother.
Spanish and Catalan.
Sweden can be proud of being the homeland of several major opera singers.
José Carreras is familiar with Jussi Björling, "one of the greatest tenorsever! Fantastic ", but he also insists in Gosta Winbergh and Ingvar Wixell and has recently made a recording with the Swedish baryton Carry Persson.

When it's time to prepare for a concert, José Carreras prefers to sleep aslong as he can. After a light breakfast and light lunch - like grilled chicken breasts, rice and olive oil - he takes a walk and tries to talk as little as he can. Two hours before the concert he goes onto the stage for ageneral rehearsal.
- I like to spend time in the dressing room to warm up, concentrate on themusic and feel the atmosphere in the house.

On Thursday he has "Mediterranean Passion" on his program. It is about Italian, Spanish and, not least, Catalan music. José Carreras describes it as a musical journey back to his roots. Do you like your life as an opera singer?
- I am extremely fortunate to be able to devote myself to what I love doing most of all. It is just wonderful!

Ammesso che si sia cimentato personalmente a compilare le risposte per e-mail, avrà in parte superato la scarsa confidenza con il computer? Forse non lo sapremo mai. Come di consueto, gli porgiamo tanti auguri, non ci deluderà neanche questa volta, ma soprattutto: "Josep: llévate ropa gruesa que allì hace frìo!". Tanto inutile raccomandarlo a un uomo che anche a luglio indossa la sciarpa. Ma lo adoriamo anche per questo.


  1. Tranquilla, Luvi, un mese e mezzo fa, c'era un caldo tremendo a Barcelona ed ho visto Josep che indossava la sua sciarpa ed anche un capello mentre faceva una passeggiata!!!!

  2. Sì sì... non c'è niente da fare. Comunque non ti nascondo un pò di invidia... anche a me piacerebbe sorprenderlo in città a fare una passeggiata. Nella mia permanenza estiva a Barcelona, sapevo che era in città... ma non mi è capitato di vederlo.


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