Sweden - Part Two & video

E con il concerto di ieri sera si sono concluse le due date in Svezia. Ecco la review della stampa svedese. Grazie a Maria per il riassunto in Inglese.

A voice that filled the entire arena
By Carl Hakan Larsen
Foto: Patrick Persson
Swedish reviewer liked both the concert with the international tenor José Carreras and the new stadium where it was held in.
José Carreras, Celine Byrne, Carry Persson. Malmo Symphony Orchestra. Dir: David Giménez. Malmö arena 22.11.

Jose Carreras Concert changed the arena and there were places for 5000 people, something that surpasses even Paul Potts.
Carreras is a distinguish middle age gentleman - but as good as many of his younger colleagues, who is in the process of singing with explosive delivery. The difference is, among other things, that Carreras has managed its pound right, so that he can still burn while performing a piece, even if sometimes you can notice the effort he makes. But all his renditions are delivered with full dignity.
These Mediterranean pieces are full of rythm and very pleasant to hear. But the Mediterranean framework went way with the other two singers. Both of them - Celine Byrne glittrade in "Meine Lippen sie küssen so Heiss" by Franz Lehár and "O mio Babbino Caro" from Puccini's "Gianni Schicchi" and Carry Persson with "At Sea" by Sibelius - did their best to outdo Carreras. But when Carreras took his full artistic artillery and sang "Granada", it was obvious that the older colleague made "bingo".

How worked the stadium as a local to perform a concert? Concerts of this kind is dependent on the speakers and amplification. The artificial-sounding sound spacious and fleet where I sat, but surely there were other experiences. It is unlikely that an opera goer will attend this kind of concerts. But the event is supported by big screens and a general sense of magnificence. It attracts large audiences to the big stage.

Qui l'intervista in occasione della prima data svedese.

Che dire? Bravo Josep! La Germania ti aspetta...


  1. Well, but you are not allowed to steal the picture and the text from the Swedish paper without paying! That photo is taken by a freelancing journalist - he is now perfectly able to bill you for using his photograph, as is the writer.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    first of all I've added the link and the cretits of the original article, and also the TRANSLATION and not the original text.
    I'd like you to think about that if an article or a photo're not allowed to be taken, they should be blocked in some way, and also the articles should be paid to be read online. This is not the case, as you can realise.
    I've been correct leaving the link, and so the name of the authors. My only aim is to diffuse news regarding the artist this blog is dedicated to, so I've add the english translation by Maria (never forgetting to thank her) to allow all fans around the world to understand, and that's nothing wrong with it, if I put all the cretits.


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