Happy 72nd Birthday to Josep Carreras

The Blog Josep Carreras wishes Josep Carreras all the very best on his 72nd Birthday.

Our beloved tenor was born on 5 December 1946 in Barcelona.

May he celebrates as he most deserves and wishes, surrounded by the love of his family and friends. May he feel once more our deepest gratitude and affection for making our lives better.
May he be happy and make his dreams come true, again and forever.

De tot cor, per molts anys, Josep!

What about making a special gift to Josep Carreras on his Birthday?

Support the Fundació Josep Carreras contra la leucèmia with your donation.

More specifically, you can support the project called called "La fábrica de células imparables" (Factory of unstoppable cells), a campaign the Foundation launched to carry out the first clinical trial in Europe for patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma and T-lymphoma who have exhausted all therapeutic possibilities.

Please help to give these patients their chance! The Foundation is close to 7/10 of its goal, which is one million EUROS.


Help them being unstoppable until they find a cure.