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Grazie a Ellie e a Maria per la traduzione in inglese.
Qui un frammento in video della Press Conference del concerto nella splendida San Pietroburgo.

José Carreras arrived today. On the 8th of October, the Spanish tenor will give one single concert in St. Petersburg. Answering the questions from reporters, the famous singer was contained and brief. He smiled when he spoke about football, particularly when he had words for Andrei Arshavin and jokingly invited him to come to Barcelona and play in the Football Club Barcelona team. We all know Carreras is an ardent soccer fan.

Next spring, while touring Europe and America it is well possible that he will be singing one of his favorite roles, "Lensky". To be able to do it he will have to study very seriously the Russian language, something he hasn't done yet, due to lack of time. In addition to his creative profession and to his passion for football, the singer enjoys painting and is completely engaged in the work of the Foundation he created to fight against leukemia.
Legendary tenor José Carreras will offer a concert at the BKZ «Oktyabrsky».The 61-year-old Maestro arrived in the city two days before the concert and declared himself inspired by the St. Petersburg autumn. He hopes to take a walk around the city, get enough sleep and have a good rehearsal with young Mexican singer, Rebeca Olvera.
He joked and said that, taking advantage of his presence in the city, he would call Andrei Arshavin, to invite him to play for the Barcelona Football Club team. The singer is an inveterate Barcelona supporter, goes often with his son to the stadium, and also enjoys seeing matches on the television, for instance when "Zenit" plays. He considers Zenit an excellent team.
But football is not one the only thing filling his life when he is away from the scene. Twenty years ago, the artist won his battle against leukemia and he established his International Foundation to fight against this terrible disease. The Foundation now has offices in several countries. The artist gives the third part of his fees to the José Carreras International Foundation Against Leukemia. The program of the concerts José Carreras will offer in St. Petersburg and Moscow (he will be singing in the capital next 11th of October) is a very interesting one but it still not comprises the Lensky aria, which the singer has long aspired to sing. He will be learning Russian and the aria will be ready only next spring. Well, it might be a good opportunity to have the famous singer back in Russia, in six months time.
(...)He likes Russia. And each time he faces full houses! This time the singer will be performing in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Just right now, in the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall, the famous Spanish tenor is offering his concert in St. Petersburg.
Files say he will soon turn 62 years old, but the voice sounds still great, and in the Oktyabrsky the singer is gathering more than 3 000 people. Despite tickets were very expensive for the northern capital - they ranged up to 25 000 rubles - this is how it goes.
Among the special guests at the concert there is Andrei Arshavin. José Carreras personally invited football star number one in Russia to his concert. The Spanish tenor still hopes to persuade Mr. Arshavin to move from the Zenit football team to the Barcelona football team. Carreras is a great Barcelona suporter, for many years. After the concert, the singer, who does enjoy the Russian borscht, is going to visit one of the most fashionable restaurants in the city, over the Neva River. And tomorrow Carreras will be flying to Moscow. On October the 11th, he will perform a solo concert in the Moscow International House of Music and will be accompanied by the Russia Phillarmonic Orchestra (Conductor - David Giménez).
The artist will perform arias from popular operas by western composers, as well as Spanish folk songs.
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